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Kalena is 1

Kalena turned 1 on May 5th.

She is just starting to walk, a few steps here and there. If she notices she's standing all by herself she might just fall down. We're taking swim lessons and she likes them, but she's been really sleepy for them the past couple of days. Hopefully her super-long nap today will help fix that for tomorrow!

She eats everything, nurses about 3 times a day, and is full of energy. Loves her tractor toy, blocks, and handing us things. Could sit all day ripping a piece of paper into smaller and smaller shreds. She has 8 teeth, molars on the way. Height, head and weight at the 75th percentile. Might have a heart murmur -- but if so, it's the kind most kids grow out of.

"aw done"
"at" (cat)

all done
clapping when we say "yay"

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One year appointment

Lizzy had her one year doctor appointment today. She weighs 22.6 lbs, is 30 inches long, and her head is 18.5 inches around. That's 75%, 79%, and 95% respectively. Haha, my kid has a big head. That means she's super smart ;) Doctor said she's right on track with her development (which I LOVED hearing b/c you know every mom is worried there's something wrong with her kid even when there's no outward sign), and said she looked great. She got four shots which sucks balls, but as soon as I picked her up (from holding her down) she stopped crying and was fine. She even got a little ducky before we left as a consolation prize, LOL :)



10 Months

1) Baby Name and Age: Elizabeth, 10 months as of 03/07

2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn: She was 20 lbs before she got sick last week. As far as I know she's in the 27-28 inch length range, and she just switched clothing size to 12 months.

3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo? Fill us in: Formula and solids. She rarely takes the purees anymore though, she only wants toddler food. We feed her everything we eat (that she is allowed before the age of one). She gets about 24-32 oz of formula a day plus 3-4 meals of solids. She takes in so much, but she is so active that she needs it.

4) Sleep habits: We have her in bed any time between 8 and 10 pm and she wakes any time between 5 and 7 am. Sometimes she wakes during the night for a bottle, but only if she didn't want to eat her toddler food for dinner the night before. I try and get her to take 2-3 naps a day, but I'm lucky if I get 2. Usually she's so curious about what's going on around the house that she won't go down for a nap unless I put her in the car and go somewhere.

5) What is your baby's day like (routine?): wake up, bottle, play, breakfast/bottle, play, bottle, nap (if I can get her to), play, lunch, play, nap (again, it's iffy), play, bottle/snack, play, nap (maybe), dinner, bath, play, bottle, bed

6) What is driving you crazy, if anything: She was sick for a week and that drove me mad. She was so pathetic looking and I just held her and cuddled her. When she finally started feeling better she wanted to keep cuddling and being held. I finally got her back to going down by herself and playing instead of me having to hold her while she slept and me holding her all day. Other than last week, she doesn't really do anything that drives me bonkers. She actually listens when I tell her no (at least most of the time, other times I can distract her enough to make her stop) and plays by herself really well.

7) Baby milestones: Crawls, cruises, feeds self, drinks from sippy cup and can hold it herself. She stood unassisted for about 2 seconds last week, but has yet to try again. She goes around the house looking for me if she can't see me (I'm either in the computer room looking at her or in our bedroom which is the second place she always looks). She's very good with the animals, is always gentle with them (this amazes me b/c I thought I would have to fight her to be gentle, but she just naturally does it. Makes me so proud!).

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oh pearl.

oh pearly girly.

you're on one, little miss. just cant stop learning, growing, eating, laughing, smiling.

we are so truly amazed by you. all of us. even big sister. and you know her and odie have a...unique...relationship...but not a single person can resist your gentle coos and babbles and those freaking dimples will do us all in. and you're always smiling. even when you cry, you laugh. what's up with that?

these last three months have seen tons of action! you've gone from the belly crawl to traditional baby crawling...and you stand up right from the floor. you've started cruising along the furniture, and im thinking some first steps are on there way here in no time.

on the tooth front, you've sprouted two on the bottom, one has broken on the top and its neighbor is soon to appear. this is great because you've been eating like an adult for months now...not a single morsel of food placed before you has been rejected. and the mmmmm sound you make while gnawing on all that deliciousness is heart explodingly beautiful.

you still love your milk, dont get me wrong...but food holds a very fascinatingly special place in your heart...not that i cant see why.

all this nursing and eating you're doing has you growing very quickly. im not sure of the exact measurements, but i think you're nearly the same weight as your two and half year old brother, just sayin. and the last few days ive seen you reach all the way up to the top of the credenza underneath the tv...that's big time, pea.

recently, ive been noticing that you're getting ready to talk. you mimic sounds perfectly. mama, dada, doggie, da! (what's that?), and recently bye bye and uh oh (uh!)...with a hand wave! oh, and your exuberant, drawling hiiiiii is also an instant melting of the face. wow, chicken. really? you're a force to be reckoned with.

you're also starting to play the drop the toy game! yay! this is super fun! for now.

you love and adore your brother. its always a good time for the three of us to sing 'slippery fish'...your face lights up and you do a little boppy dance step that tickles us all. he's trying to be cool to you, pea. he shares...sometimes. he hugs and kisses you after pushing you over and watching you cry...he definitely asks where you are when you're off someplace napping...and when you both nap together, its a vision of peace and light and the good in the world.

i know there is more to add on the scope of what you can DO, pearl...cuz you're really growing up quick...but i will end this with a mention to who you ARE, little p...

you are the third child ive had and there are times where i look at you and think...ok, we've done it. we've found the one soul that has brought our family together for good. our love for pearl is the one thing we all agree on, every time...you are such a delightful being, its almost unbelievable...how'd you get to be so awesome. how'd we get to be so lucky?

and then i think of the lucky soul that gets to have you as a big sister and well, we're keeping our options open...you're also that amazing that you keep us just dreaming of how wonderful our family is still yet to be...

i have to say that time with you is flying by at such a rate that i almost worry i'll not be able to keep up...it really was just yesterday that your itsy teensy body was resting on my chest all curled up, your head nestled beneath my chin and your feet barely reaching past my elbows. last night you slept on me that way and i could feel your toes tickle my hipbone and beyond...

you're growing up, little girl. im so so grateful i get to be a part of that.



From christmas and new years

From christmas and new years

From 2010-02-10 phone pics

From 2010-02-10 phone pics

update around 9 months

I'm going through my communities and ditching some! Still on here, thanks to the low-drama factor. :)

1) Baby Name and Age: Kalena, 8.75 months (9 months on the 5th of Feb)

2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn:
Mostly 12-18 mo! Yikes! Not sure on length, but she's about 21 pounds. Large. But not just fat, though she's chubby like a baby should be; she's long too.

3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo? Fill us in:
Still breastfeeding on demand. Started solids at 6 months. We still have purees in the cupboard but I'm doing chunks of peeled apple and things like that too; the occasional teething biscuit; steamed rice is a hit. Need to add some proteins too besides yogurt.

4) Sleep habits:
Really a good overnight sleeper. Starting to drop the first morning nap, but she hoots like a loon in bed for an hour or so and seems happy that way! I have some soft books for her to play with in the crib.

5) What is your baby's day like (routine?):
Up around 8, eats, sleeps or plays in crib until about 10, crawls an hour or two, eats, maybe some solids, new diaper, play, eat... we have a couple activities each week but not every day. We all eat dinner together. Sometimes a bath (not every day). Story time before bed -- she loves books.

6) What is driving you crazy, if anything:
The new "I want that and I can't have it" cry. Things she wants: power cords, my hair, my earrings.

7) Baby milestones:
4 teeth, all on the bottom. Can mostly sit on her own, but prefers to roll onto her belly and scoot. Loves to stand on our laps, babbles and talks a lot -- the cat is "AT!" First "high-five" was this week.

8) How are you doing in general:
Eh, lots of work. I want more "me" time.

9) How's the love life/relationship going:
The previous person to answer said it well: "Relationship is awesome but we hardly have been having any sex" We've been having more outercourse than intercourse. Something's weird with my internal pH.

10) Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?:
Yes! C-section scar still itches sometimes. Otherwise I feel fit, I'm in a size 10 jean for the first time since high school! Yoga is great. Mentally MUCH better than the first 6 weeks and even the first 6 months... it's been a gradual adaptation to the new normal.


happy eightmonths miss pea!

longer update coming...but for now, see what miss pea's been up to...

she's been standing for about a week now...but last night i saw her get into standing position from the floor...nothing to grab onto/pull up from...

im pretty impressed, tbh.

8 months

Guess who turned 8 months old yesterday?

Why Elizabeth Marie of course!

She's about 20 lbs with her clothes on, no idea what her length is. She can sit up on her own, crawl, and pull herself to a standing position. She has 2 teeth and is working on some more at the moment. She says Da-Da and Eat-eh (any adult and kitty) and babbles all the time. She loves her puppies and kitties as much as we do :) She's a joy to have and I thank God everyday that he has blessed us so.

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Just curious to everyone's current stats.. Here's Violet's

- Violet Emily -
8 months old
18 lbs 9 oz
-can sit up
-can crawl on hands and knees
-can pull up into standing position by herself, pulls up on furniture, stands in crib
-sleeps from about 9pm-9am
-already weaned herself off the paci [because she was sick] I've decided not to give it back
-only seems to like stage 3 baby food [esp spaghetti] apple sauce, yogurt
-can sign milk
-very clingy to me
-only seems to like my electronics
-wears size 6/12 and 2 shoe

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1) Baby Name and Age: Elizabeth Marie, 7 months 2 days

2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn: 18 lbs at 6 month check up (probably more like 19 now), 26 inches (probably longer now), wearing 9 months unless it runs small, then she wears 12 month

3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo? Solids?: Breastmilk and solids. She started solids a little under 6 months. She was always so hungry and had all the signs she was ready. I skipped the rice cereal and gave her fruits and veggies right away. She hasn't looked back since. Now we eat solids 3 times a day (about 5-6 tablespoons), and are eating the Gerber 2nds. She's still on the boob the rest of the time, but I'm trying to pump more so we can start weaning her off the boob and onto the bottle/sippy cup.

4) Sleep habits: She WAS sleeping through the night until she cut her first 2 teeth. Now she can wake up anywhere from every 2 hours to sleeping through the night. Most nights she goes about every 4 hours though. I will be glad when this teething business is over.

5) What is your baby's day like (routine?): Wake up, play, eat solids, boob, nap, wake up, play, boob, play, eat solids, boob, nap, wake up, play, boob, play, nap, wake up, eat solids, bath, play, boob, sleep (and then some boobs and sleeps during the night)

6) What is driving you crazy, if anything: If she sees me, she wants me. It's ezpecially annoying during the evening when I want to do some "me" time while Daddy watches her, but she only cries unless I'm RIGHT THERE. Her teething is driving me crazy. I've been popping Hyland's teething tablets like they're candy for her.

7) Baby milestones: Sitting up unassisted, starting to crawl, knows her name, is eating solids like a champ, rolls both ways, starting to try and pull herself up, says "dada" (but I don't think she really knows what she's saying)

8) How are you doing in general: I'm doing good. I had a little breakdown over the weekend b/c I got a migraine and she was really fussy from her gums hurting.

9) How's the love life/relationship going: It's been great. Still not having nookie nearly as much as we'd like, but it's a lot better and doesn't hurt anymore (thank God). We still cuddle and act like we did toward each other before baby most of the time. Every now and then we snap at each other, but nothing at all serious.

10) Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?: Well I joined a gym. I try and go, but a lot of times it's just not possible to go everyday. I'm trying to lose some more weight and get healthier b/c we plan on trying for number two when Lizzy turns one.

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