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update around 9 months

I'm going through my communities and ditching some! Still on here, thanks to the low-drama factor. :)

1) Baby Name and Age: Kalena, 8.75 months (9 months on the 5th of Feb)

2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn:
Mostly 12-18 mo! Yikes! Not sure on length, but she's about 21 pounds. Large. But not just fat, though she's chubby like a baby should be; she's long too.

3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo? Fill us in:
Still breastfeeding on demand. Started solids at 6 months. We still have purees in the cupboard but I'm doing chunks of peeled apple and things like that too; the occasional teething biscuit; steamed rice is a hit. Need to add some proteins too besides yogurt.

4) Sleep habits:
Really a good overnight sleeper. Starting to drop the first morning nap, but she hoots like a loon in bed for an hour or so and seems happy that way! I have some soft books for her to play with in the crib.

5) What is your baby's day like (routine?):
Up around 8, eats, sleeps or plays in crib until about 10, crawls an hour or two, eats, maybe some solids, new diaper, play, eat... we have a couple activities each week but not every day. We all eat dinner together. Sometimes a bath (not every day). Story time before bed -- she loves books.

6) What is driving you crazy, if anything:
The new "I want that and I can't have it" cry. Things she wants: power cords, my hair, my earrings.

7) Baby milestones:
4 teeth, all on the bottom. Can mostly sit on her own, but prefers to roll onto her belly and scoot. Loves to stand on our laps, babbles and talks a lot -- the cat is "AT!" First "high-five" was this week.

8) How are you doing in general:
Eh, lots of work. I want more "me" time.

9) How's the love life/relationship going:
The previous person to answer said it well: "Relationship is awesome but we hardly have been having any sex" We've been having more outercourse than intercourse. Something's weird with my internal pH.

10) Are your health and weight loss concerns going well?:
Yes! C-section scar still itches sometimes. Otherwise I feel fit, I'm in a size 10 jean for the first time since high school! Yoga is great. Mentally MUCH better than the first 6 weeks and even the first 6 months... it's been a gradual adaptation to the new normal.