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oh pearl.

oh pearly girly.

you're on one, little miss. just cant stop learning, growing, eating, laughing, smiling.

we are so truly amazed by you. all of us. even big sister. and you know her and odie have a...unique...relationship...but not a single person can resist your gentle coos and babbles and those freaking dimples will do us all in. and you're always smiling. even when you cry, you laugh. what's up with that?

these last three months have seen tons of action! you've gone from the belly crawl to traditional baby crawling...and you stand up right from the floor. you've started cruising along the furniture, and im thinking some first steps are on there way here in no time.

on the tooth front, you've sprouted two on the bottom, one has broken on the top and its neighbor is soon to appear. this is great because you've been eating like an adult for months now...not a single morsel of food placed before you has been rejected. and the mmmmm sound you make while gnawing on all that deliciousness is heart explodingly beautiful.

you still love your milk, dont get me wrong...but food holds a very fascinatingly special place in your heart...not that i cant see why.

all this nursing and eating you're doing has you growing very quickly. im not sure of the exact measurements, but i think you're nearly the same weight as your two and half year old brother, just sayin. and the last few days ive seen you reach all the way up to the top of the credenza underneath the tv...that's big time, pea.

recently, ive been noticing that you're getting ready to talk. you mimic sounds perfectly. mama, dada, doggie, da! (what's that?), and recently bye bye and uh oh (uh!)...with a hand wave! oh, and your exuberant, drawling hiiiiii is also an instant melting of the face. wow, chicken. really? you're a force to be reckoned with.

you're also starting to play the drop the toy game! yay! this is super fun! for now.

you love and adore your brother. its always a good time for the three of us to sing 'slippery fish'...your face lights up and you do a little boppy dance step that tickles us all. he's trying to be cool to you, pea. he shares...sometimes. he hugs and kisses you after pushing you over and watching you cry...he definitely asks where you are when you're off someplace napping...and when you both nap together, its a vision of peace and light and the good in the world.

i know there is more to add on the scope of what you can DO, pearl...cuz you're really growing up quick...but i will end this with a mention to who you ARE, little p...

you are the third child ive had and there are times where i look at you and think...ok, we've done it. we've found the one soul that has brought our family together for good. our love for pearl is the one thing we all agree on, every time...you are such a delightful being, its almost unbelievable...how'd you get to be so awesome. how'd we get to be so lucky?

and then i think of the lucky soul that gets to have you as a big sister and well, we're keeping our options open...you're also that amazing that you keep us just dreaming of how wonderful our family is still yet to be...

i have to say that time with you is flying by at such a rate that i almost worry i'll not be able to keep up...it really was just yesterday that your itsy teensy body was resting on my chest all curled up, your head nestled beneath my chin and your feet barely reaching past my elbows. last night you slept on me that way and i could feel your toes tickle my hipbone and beyond...

you're growing up, little girl. im so so grateful i get to be a part of that.



From christmas and new years

From christmas and new years

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From 2010-02-10 phone pics