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may_2009_babies's Journal

may 2009 babies
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a community for mothers and fathers expecting a baby or babies in may of 2009
welcome to may 2009 babies!

anyone expecting a baby during this time may join (april and june babies are welcome too!)

This community is supportive and encouraging of natural pregnancy and birth. Others are welcome to join, regardless of their pregnancy and birth plans, but should keep the community's philosophies in mind.

to get to know one another, please post your first entry with this short survey:

partner's name:
partner's age:
any other children and their names/ages:

Community Rules:

may 2009 babies is a naturally-oriented, low-intervention pregnancy and birth community, but all women due in or around May 2009 are welcome to join, regardless of pregnancy and birth plans. Please keep the philosophies upon which this community are based in mind as you participate in this community, but treat those who disagree with some of these philosophies with respect and politeness.

By joining this community, you agree to abide by these rules:

1. Treat all community members with respect. Disagree with them, share sources, links, information, and opinions with them, but be respectful. Speak to them as you would want them to speak to you. No name-calling or mud-slinging. No trolling of members' journals. Behave yourselves, act with decorum, and comport yourselves with dignity.

2. No fearmongering. No "if you don't do xyz test/intervention your baby will die!" stories. Birth is as safe as life gets. It is a normal process of life, not a medical event or an illness, and it will be treated as a normal process in this community. Please feel free to share your negative past experiences, but avoid using anecdotes as justification for telling horror stories intended only to guilt or frighten women into accepting interventions they do not want.

3. Homebirthing is a safe choice for women and babies. This has been proven through multiple studies on low risk home births as compared to low risk hospital births. This community supports a mother's right to choose a home birth for herself and her baby as a safe alternative to a hospital or birthing center.

4. This community supports unassisted childbirth. Though no large, long-term studies have been performed on these births (which comprise only a small percentage of all births), data compiled by birth advocates points to outcomes similar to those of assisted home births. Even if it isn't a choice you would make for yourself, please respect your fellow community members' right to choose this for themselves and their babies.

5. Don't bring the drama. Chiming in with comments solely designed to generate drama will not be tolerated. Making comments predicting that drama will ensure will not tolerated, as these comments are usually the source of drama.

6. Do not delete, screen, or freeze posts or comments. If you have a problem with comments left by other community members, email me at raving_liberal@livejournal.com. Own your words!

7. If you post on a controversial topic, be prepared for debate to ensue. If you present a statement as fact, be prepared to be asked to provide links/sources to back it up. No one is obligated to justify their decisions to this community, BUT if you post about them here, you are inviting discourse.

8. There's no such thing as TMI in a community about pregnant, birth, and parenthood, but remember that many women in this community do have situations (such as work) where certain topics may not be appropriate. If you think your post might be questionable for a professional environment, simply put it under a cut with a warning.

9. Be considerate of those who have slower connection speeds. Post all pictures under a cut.